Contacting Roger Firth (author of Inform Beginner's Guide)

Does anybody know how I can get in touch with Roger Firth? I sent an email to him last August and again in October and have not had any reply… a couple of years ago I contacted him, but I don’t know if he does not answer or he can not answer.


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I’ve had quite a bit of contact with him before. I emailed him a few days ago, but haven’t received any reply. Of course, he may just be busy.

Indeed, but I don’t want to be a nuisance for him by repeatedly sending the same mail… I would rather prefer a ‘do not disturb’ answer.

Besides, since in the past he answered in days, this worries me a little, to be honest. Hope he’s ok.

@fredrik, should you make contact with him, could you please tell him there is somebody else looking for him? Thanks.

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@fredrik did you contact with Roger Firth? I’m still looking for him…

I tried. No luck.

Looks like he didn’t renew his website.

Anyone know where else I can get reference implementations of Cloak of Darkness?

You can get to that page via the wayback machine:

“Cloak of Darkness” seems like the sort of thing that also ought to be on the if archive somewhere, but I haven’t checked to see it is.

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Thanks for reminding me of the wayback machine. Should have thought of that.

Someone should put the actual specification on IFWIKI, though.

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All this is starting to worry me… I hope he just pulled off from the IF community.
Would Emily Short know anything by chance? I think I will try to ask her…

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This web site is back up. It looks up to me, anyhow. (I didn’t test it while it was down.)

(Copying the specification text to IFWiki seems like an entirely sensible idea.)


Emily Short does not know about Roger’s whereabouts… I’m afraid I’ve run out of options.

Dennis Jerz and Jimmy Maher also do not know about Roger’s whereabouts… it seems I’ve hit a dead end, ran out of ideas.

Maybe I get on with my project… I had started writing a tutorial for DAAD (a descendant of PAW) following the same structure that the IBG and thought of making it full fledged and develop it as a DAAD Beginner’s Guide, even using the same sample games.

Of course, free of charge and freely downloadable once done… I’ll put it in the backburner for a while, I really wanted his permission for something like this.

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I don’t think he would mind. I talked to him some time ago and arranged for the needed legal permissions to copy, share & modify. See the license file inside

He had lost the original source material for the IBG and there was work to re-create it which now exists on GitHub.

You should be able to re-use things as long as you follow the license terms, which don’t have very many requirements.

The same is also true for The Cloak Of Darkness, which now exists at

You should notice that the file cloak-of-darkness.inf has a similar permission to the IBG.

His permissions didn’t extend to just the IBG and Cloak Of Darkness but to all of his Inform material.

I had started working on converting things from his website but haven’t worked on it in some time: but hope any of this helps.


Sorry for being so late with my reply, since confinement started I have put some things in the freezer.
It’s sad to hear that Roger Firth lost the original materials but also happy to hear you have a project to rebuilt it.
I’ll check the permissions you link but I’m sure that my intentions would be i line with them.

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This worries me. At the same time, however, I would love to see a DAAD Beginner’s Guide, preferably with a version in English as well as Spanish.