Contact for

Anyone have contact information for whoever administers the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction website?

The website appears to be registered by zarf (Andrew Plotkin). You might try him, or perhaps the PR-IF Twitter account.

Yes, contact Zarf directly, please.

The address works, and forwards to ggg and me.

But I guess that’s not visible on the web site – oops. I’ll put it somewhere. (In small print.)

What was the question?

I was just going to ask if a link could be added somewhere to the play Anchorhead page, directing folks to the website.

Ah yes. I’ve added that link to the to point there.

I’ve also added the info@ email link to .

That’s everything, I hope! Thanks for mentioning it. It’s an old web site.

Thanks! It’s still the #2 hit in a Google search for Anchorhead. The recent boingboing article about Cragne Manor linked to it, which is what got me thinking.