Connecting Inform 7 to a graphical programming language?

Is it possible to somehow connect Inform to a more graphics based language, like Javascript and Processing?

context: got an assignment where I need to create a game in Processing. Thought it could be really cool if I could somehow add the Inform system to Processing and create this hybrid clickable graphics + parser based IF game.

Any thoughts on this are welcome :))

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That’s exactly what Vorple is: Inform + JavaScript for the fancy stuff.


Never heard of it before, but it’s pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

If you’re using Linux, can you pipe IO to and from Processing? That would be neat!

Side note: double-check that you’re allowed to do this sort of thing in your assignment. I know this wouldn’t fly in any course I’ve ever TA’d on.


Inform 10 can compile to C code for exactly this reason: you get a black box you can either link into your project or hook up to some pipes, without worrying about interpreters and formats and such.