You have entered a work of IF into the biggest, most daunting and intimidating, busiest and most oversaturated, highest profile and most scrutinized competition of the IF-year.


Previous winners include Andrew Plotkin, Emily Short, Adam Cadre. And those are just the names that ring the bell the loudest.

Will you follow in their footsteps and change IF forever?

We hope you have fun…


Congratulations to everyone who entered! Can’t wait to play through what’s on offer. (Maybe I’ll make a silly little review thread again…)


Some of us, those who are too cool for IFComp by virtue of being too late for IFComp, will have games in Ectocomp, so everyone make sure to spread the love around at the end of October.


I plan on focusing my judging on Ecto this year. Cool cats know where it’s at.


Congratulations to all the participants of IFComp. And bonus congratulations to the Ectocomp folks too!

I’m heavily sedated at the moment with my progressive neurological disease. Today I woke after 4pm … So really doubtful I can do a reviews thread. But I hope to enjoy playing some games.


Very excited for IFComp! I’ll be out of town all next week and plan on reviewing longest games first so it may be quite a while before my reviews start piling in. I think this year will be absolutely amazing, love the games I’ve tested so far and love to see first time authors who have brilliant or new ideas.


Hear hear! Very excited to see what everybody’s come up with and for new authors enter the community, and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and authors who are making it all happen!


In honor of the imminent opening of IFComp, here is the Crystal Trident of Poseidon:

and an Elvish Sword of Great Antiquity:

(I am a bit overexcited and sitting in front of an AI art generator.)


I almost forgot – a jewel-encrusted egg:


Congratulations and good luck to all authors! Looking forward to playing and reviewing your games!

Any ideas at what time today the games will be released? :slight_smile:


A mystery adventure chest.

An intriguing puzzle codex box.

A mystery astrolabe.


Congratulations and good luck to all authors! Looking forward to playing and reviewing your games!

Any ideas at what time today the games will be released? :slight_smile:

Also curious about this—I’ve already been refreshing the page all morning haha. Can’t wait to get my hands on that sweet sweet new IF! :hugs:


I think it all depends on the number of entries since the team is hard at work getting everything set up (well, depending on time zones, some of them hopefully may be sleeping!). I think in recent years they’ve gone up around noon Pacific time, though in 2020 there were over 100 entries and I recall it was more like early to mid afternoon Pacific.

It feels very nerve-wracking, sorry! The years I entered, I found walks were a good way to kill time and bleed off energy :slight_smile: (well, the first year - second year I was taking care of a newborn so that was sufficient distraction!)

EDIT: though the official Comp Twitter account just posted “soon” five minutes ago so it might be early this year than those previous years. Guess we’ll see.


IIRC the organizers are on the US west coast, so it may be deep into the night or even tomorrow for you depending on your time zone.

[Not implying that 1800 PDT is when the games go live, that’s just an illustrative example]