Conflict between table column and object property

Is this a bug?

[code]A test is a kind of thing.
A test has a number called the index.

Table of Executions
a number
with 100 blank rows

When play begins:
sort the Table of Executions in index order;

There is a room.[/code]

Clearly, phrase #1 should have matched, but it didn’t. Perhaps phrase #2 is causing a conflict, but I don’t really understand what that syntax is supposed to achieve. Can someone explain this?


Looks to me like “index” is a reserved word. Change it to “indexo” and the game compiles.

The example works if you change either the property or the table column to something else. But it’s fine for either one of them to be “index.”

Yeah, that’s a bug. If the property & column have the same name the problem still appears, so it’s not just an issue with the word “index”. And the to-phrases really should have figured that situation out. Please report it.