Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone 2024

Hi everyone !

The French Comp just opened its voting period, revelling its twenty-one new entries for this 2024 Edition !
The themes this year were illusion and coming from elsewhere.

Twenty-one entries, a good mix of engines and IF type, and about half of those from new authors ! A great batch of games :smiley:

You should totally come play a few, and maybe vote?

The game are all hosted on Itch:

And the voting will be on this Google Form:



Thanks Manon and all the best! As seen from my horrible French Lunar New Year greetings on the other thread, my French is horrible, so I guess I won’t even go through these, sad to say.


For all that want to follow the discussions about the games in French, there’s a thread on the Francophone Forum.


For those interested, we have a check-list/bingo-ish card to fill in:

The actions include:

  • Playing the games (including a choice-based/hyperlink, a parser or visual novel, from a new author, and one being at least 30min long)
  • Commenting on games: for 5 games, for a game by a new author, for a long game (>30min), and for a game that has less than 3 comments
  • Rating the games (on the form)
  • Sending the form :slight_smile:

Less than 5 hours remaining (2PM Paris time today) to cast your votes, even if you played only one game, you are allowed to vote !


Link to the form is in the first post above.

Results will be announced live on twitch on monday night (9:30PM Paris time) !


All votes were casted, see you on monday !


The results were just announced!

Congratulations to Narkhos with Le Dernier Serment!

The whole presentation has been uploaded on
Remise des prix ConFI 24 : Julien Zamor / smwhr : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
The Replay (in French) is available on Twitch:

And the breakdown of the votes and full ranking is found here: Concours de Fiction Interactive 2024 (Responses) - Google Sheets

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It doesn’t change much but it’s “Le Dernier Serment”.

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Detailed results (multiple sub-prizes & runner-ups) on the French web site: