Complete BBC Games Archive - The Darkness Of Raven Wood

I just found this site that has a bunch of BBC Micro games, including The Darkness Of Raven Wood and other text adventures. You can play them online or download them and use an emulator (or, I assume, you can transfer the downloaded ones to an actual BBC Micro somehow…).

Complete BBC Games Archive:

The Darkness of Raven Wood seems to only accept one-word or two-word commands.

Look Barman
Talk barman
Look door

It’s text + Graphics, but with parser input and static old-school graphics.

Never had a BBC Micro (wrong side of the pond) but it looks like it was a fun beast.

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And shortly after I posted that, I also found the indexes of text games and text adventures there:

Text Adventures: … re&on_S=on


Nice spot. I think it includes three early Graham Nelson games:

Indeed it does!:

Oooo! Nice to see that others are checking it out and finding cool stuff :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check out the early Nelson stuff :slight_smile:

I discovered this site only a week or so ago. It’s a fantastic resource, a World of Spectrum for the BBC Micro, but I do wonder about the copyright status of the games hosted there. It’s surprising to see how many brand new games are appearing for these 8-bit platforms. Given that emulators are available for these old machines on desktop, tablet and mobile, it’s not really fair to describe them as obsolete any more. They’re just another type of VM!

Eyup. One could make something for Pico-8 or Liko-12 or they could program something for Apple ][, C64, or BBC Micro and have it play in just as many places.

Is it paid version?

I don’t know. I only poked around the site for an hour or so.

And at last the internet has got hold of a picture of Graham, albeit as a teenager (in ahope1’s 2nd link above).

Oh, while you’re here, you might as well check out Maze of Madness, another BBC Micro text adventure game. Of a sort.