Compiling the TADS interpreter with Emglken

So I’ve finally added support for TADS in Emglken thanks to @cas’s terps repository. But as I’m far from a TADS expert I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone might know the answer to.

  1. A small concern I have is that the resulting WASM file is 3.4MB. If that’s how big it has to be, that’s fine, but I’m wonder if there’s anything I can do to reduce it. For example, I noticed that it builds support for TADS 2 and TADS 3 into the one interpreter. Can these be split up? Would that make much of a difference?

  2. Does the code I’m using include Web UI, even though it can’t be used? Can I exclude all the stuff for Web UI?

  3. I noticed that it includes a lot of unicode data. Does this really only take up 75KB like the comment on the final line says? If it does take more space, could that be removed or changed to use Glk’s unicode functions to save on space?

  4. TADS 3 has a large test suite, which is really too substantial for the basic does-it-run tests I want for Emglken. Is there any single TADS 3 test file that covers the basic functionality? Or could anyone recommend a public domain or FLOSS licensed game that I could include as my test file?

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I don’t know the answers to any of your questions, but would a Java version of a TADS 'terp help answer them?

I’ve looked into adapting Jetty before. Unfortunately it’s not useful here because it’s not a Glk interpreter.