Compiling TADS 3 to HTML

I wanted write games for use on the web and I was excited to see that TADS now would compile to html. I created a new project and this created the skeleton game. I compiled it for the web and then went to the “Web” folder. I saw index.htm and cliced on it. I was presented with a web page but nowhere to start the game! I know the rudimentary game works because I played in the interpreter. Please help me find what I’m doing wrong.

TADS would NOT compile to HTML in the usual sense of static HTML page with Javascript implementation. Instead TADS would compile a game that will act as a complete webserver able to host game playable through the web browser. But the details are little complicated if you are not familiar with web technologies. The short summary is that you can compile your game for web UI and upload the t3 file on where it will be hosted for you and you just provide your players with link. The long answer is here:

I’ve just created a minimal skeleton project for Web UI in Workbench, compiled it and tested playability. My web/ subfolder is empty, I don’t have any file in it. But the t3 binary resides in my case in debug/ subfolder. This binary you can upload somewhere and let the IFDB host the game for you.

Secondly I’ve tried “build web page package” from menu and that created simple html page in web/ subfolder with few informations about the game and zipped download, but that really is not meant to by directly playable as a web game, but raather to host your gamefile for download and playing in traditional interpreter.