Compiling Glk without MFC

After spending about an hour of converting WindowsGlk from version 7 to version 10, collecting all the dependencies from JPEG to Zlib, and rebuilding the source tree. I was ready to compile only to find that afxext.h could not be found…

Turns out Microsoft gimps their Visual Studio C++ IDE so it can’t compile MFC apps.

Is there a version that does not have this? Is there a work around? Another compiler perhaps?

There isn’t any way around this other than using the full version of Visual C++, sorry …

…or rewrite the glk library, which is what I’m doing :slight_smile:

That works, too :slight_smile: Parts of Windows Glk really need more rewriting than I’m able to give them right now - in particular the text layout logic for text buffer windows could be a lot cleaner.

Rewriting it to work with GCC/MinGW as well would work too; then it will work in both Windows and ReactOS without requiring Microsoft Visual Studio.

The problem is that the DLL code makes explicit calls to MFC, which isn’t available on MinGW either. Heck the ABI for MFC changes between versions of Microsoft’s compiler itself. So that’s not viable.

If you are talking about rewriting it for windows… no, I’m going to link against Allegro, which is a game library. It’s cross-platform though.