Compiler Output (adv3Lite, sort of...)

I’ve implemented an elevator with a series of exterior doors on different floors. The otherSide of these doors is usually nil. I don’t know if this is necessary, but I’m being cautious. I don’t want the library to get confused by trying to sync the door inside of the elevator to several different exterior doors, or vice-versa. This works, but the result is that when the game is compiled, I get a bogus output message in the Workbench Debug Log window. After “Build successfully completed,” it goes on to say this

Two of the exterior doors (the ones whose otherSide is initially set to nil) are indeed in the west side of the arcade and the west side of the upper concourse. But this message from the compiler (a) is not useful information; I’d like to suppress it; (b) contains an error, because <.p> is certainly not an unknown tag; © is grabbing a fragment of text (starting with ) that has no possible relationship to the perceived error in the code.

I suppose I could get around the problem by creating a door off in the middle of nowhere and using it as the otherSide, in order to squelch the message. I may do that, although if my code isn’t pristine the player could end up wandering off into the middle of nowhere!

What I’m wondering is, is this a compiler bug that should be reported?

I’m not sure why you’re getting quite the compiler output you’re getting from the compiler, but the trick I use to suppress warnings about doors with no otherSide is to set otherSide = self rather than otherSide = nil on those doors (which effectively tells the library that you deliberately haven’t given the doors in question an otherSide and it’s not just an accidental omission on your part).

Thanks, Eric. That trick works nicely.