"Compiler finished with code 512" - Translation Fails

I’m at a complete loss of how to fix this. Past projects of mine have stopped compiling, even an example from the documentation (A&E) isn’t working anymore.

Console reads:

D:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\inform7 \
    -internal "D:\Program Files\Inform\Internal" -external "D:\tardi\Documents\Inform" -project "C:\Users\tardi\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Projects\Example - A&E.inform" -format=Inform6/32d

Compiler finished with code 512

That code 512 suggests that the Inform7 compiler isn’t starting at all. We have had instances in the past where anti-virus has got in the way of both the compiler and the interpreter used to run games in the Story tab. What anti-virus do you have? Is there anything it’s quarantined from the Inform7 installation?

I would also suggest checking with Windows Explorer in the “D:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers” directory. Is “inform7.exe” still there?

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inform7.exe is indeed there. I’ve got the free version of Malwarebytes which shouldn’t have any kind of active suppression. Nothing from I7 is quarantined from there. Turning off Windows Security RealTime Protection didn’t work either. I7 is allowed through my firewall.

That does look okay … what happens if you run inform7.exe directly? That is, start a command prompt and run the command “D:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\inform7 -version”, like so (screenshot from my development system, so the path and the output aren’t quite the same, but you get the idea):

Just restarted my computer overnight and it magically fixed itself. I love technology.