Compiler code 10

In my game, I am trying to set up a means of allowing the player to get an itemization of how he has scored so far-- a simple way of listing so that when the player types ‘SCORING’ or whatever, the player will get a list of the things done to increase the score, and the number of points for each. I would put a table at the tail end of the source code, with two columns, one headed something like ‘deedname’–for text, and the other ‘scoreamt’, for the numbers. And I have a routine for whenever the player scores points, the name of the action along with the number of points is announced, plus both would be entered into the table. I created a routine for entering the data into the table, and an action–‘Summing’(the player can type ‘SCORING’ to do this action)–which would result in a tabulation of the deeds and amounts from the table. When I did an initial trial, the compiler did not complete and returned a code 10 error–saying that what I most recently added may have complicated things for the compiler. When I eliminated the code for the whole routine, it compiled perfectly. Then I thought I might have created the table incorrectly, so I re-created only the table, like so—

Table 10 - Awards Deedname (text) spoints (a number) with 34 blank rows

(By the way, there is a tab between ‘(text)’ and ‘spoints’–it just doesn’t seem to appear here.)
This is the table into which the scoring data would be added as the player scores points.
When I ran the source with only that table added, it repeated the code 10 error.
I am baffled by this. I’ve seen examples in the manual that were typed precisely this way(16.9 Blank Rows). How is this wrong?

Sorry for this—it returned the error because I already have a table marked Table 10. I overlooked that.


It’s always worth reporting a compiler crash at if you can reproduce it.