Compilation Issue with New Build

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I opened up the source for “Heavenly” (written in 5Z71) and tried compiling it in 6E59. The compiler fails with code 10.

My first thought was, an extension needs to be updated. So I created a short test game that includes all five of the extensions used by “Heavenly,” and dummied up a little code that actually uses some feature of each extension. The test game compiles.

Without testing and/or removing every feature I’ve used in each extension, it’s difficult to be sure what is going wrong. The five are:

Plurality by Emily Short.
Conversation Framework by Eric Eve.
Adaptive Hints by Eric Eve.
Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Pronouns by Ron Newcomb.

My question is, has anyone else encountered a problem compiling a game with any of these extensions? If they all work for other people, then the compiler’s error has to lie elsewhere, and I’ll file a bug report.


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“code 10” has obviously nothing to do with the extensions.
Can the memory management be the problem?

“Test” by Mikawa

Testroom is a room. “For testers only.”.

A Ipad is a kind of thing. in the Testroom are 99 Ipads.
A Ipod is a kind of thing. in the Testroom are 99 Ipods.
A Imac is a kind of thing. in the Testroom are 99 Imacs.

This short example works with Ipads and Ipods but when I added the
Imacs it failed with code 10.

– MI