Comparing topic to text value in table


i’m trying to compare topic with matches operator to a text in table… is operator works but it works very strange not recognizing text value…it is never same but it compiles …matches operator doesn’t compile and i’m out of ideas if anyone can help

It’s helpful to post your code directly instead of screenshots. (You can use the </> button to format it as monospace in your post.)

You have the statement:

let someComand be "[topic understood]";

Using a text substitution like this converts the contents of the substituted snippet (in this case topic understood) to a text (in this case assigned to temporary text value someComand).

As the error message says, it only understands matches to be meaningful when

  1. matching a value to a description of values
  2. matching a snippet to a topic

In your case, you may want the similarly-named matches the text phrase (or a related phrase), as described in WWI 20.5 Matching and exactly matching. These compare two text values.

Or you may want to directly compare the topic understood (no brackets) to a topic entry in a table. This is what topics are for; no conversion is required to do it.

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thank you i was missing the “the”