Compare my new engine to others via ports

Other than Cloak of Darkness, are there other port-comparison IFs I can use for testing? Looking to increase complexity and comprehensive ability, a little at a time (baby steps)

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After Cloak of Darkness, the next most widely ported game is Colossal Cave. But that’s not a baby step!

You could start at the beginning and see how far you get.


Ryan Veeder’s “Craverly Heights” was ported several times and is relatively small: Craverly Heights


Creating a more expanded equivalent of something like Cloak of Darkness is something that does come up for discussion on here every so often. The last time was here, I think…

There are some very old 1970s/80s games (much smaller and more manageable than Colossal Caves) that have been ported so many times that they’re almost in the Cloak of Darkness realms but, of course, they’re mostly not “open source” like CoD.