Compact multiple statements about a thing into one sentence

I notice the documentation gives simple examples such as “The bowl is a container in the garden.”

But I have a slightly more complex situation and I was wondering if it can be contracted in a similar way? I have a custom property for things, they can be destructible or impervious. Also rather than say the table is scenery, for my own reasons I would just like to say it’s not portable. I would like to write something like this;

“The table is not portable, is destructible, and is in the Garden.”

But that doesn’t work as written - is there a way to write this other than;
“The table is in the garden. The table is destructible. The table is not portable.”

It’s just the multiple “is”-es that are tripping you up. “The table is portable, destructible, and in the Garden” should work, assuming you’ve defined “destructible” and “Garden” somewhere.

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Ah, thank you, that was it. I find the answers to my problems with Inform are so elusive but so obvious once I know…