Comp Entries Tabulated by Dev System?

I’m curious to know what systems (Twine, Inform 7, etc.) were used to develop the IFComp entries over the past five years or wo. This information doesn’t seem to be visible in the listings on the IFComp website (unless I missed something obvious). Does anyone have such a listing handy, or know where I can find one?


You can use IFDB for this. For instance, follow this link to see which IFcomp Inform 7 games were made the last 5 years (92 games):

Then you will see the following text in the “Search Games”-field:
tag: IFcomp Game published:2015- system:inform 7

Note that it is important that the words “tag”, “published” and “system” do not start with a capital letter. You can replace “inform 7” with e.g. “inform 6”, “twine” etc. and “2015-” with e.g. “2010-2014” etc.

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Thanks – that helps. The relative frequencies are about what I would have expected.

Along the same lines, is there a way to search IFDB for i6 games that include source code for educational purposes?

Thanks, Jeff


Very good. Thank you!