Commodore 64 versions of Tethered and Pas De Deux

Today I’m releasing Commodore 64 versions of my two games:

Tethered (IFComp 2018)

Pas De Deux (IFComp 2019)


System requirements: Commodore 64 (PAL or NTSC), floppy drive (1541 or
compatible). A RAM Expansion Unit (REU) is optional, but will improve
performance and enable the UNDO command.

Click to read the instruction sheet:


this RULES

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I love your whimsy of putting out a PDF to make “custom” diskette sleeves. I tend to use cardstock for making my own sleeves when the urge/necessity strikes. Amazon appears to have a nice assortment of tyvek sheets for indulging in this shamefully geeky form of nostalgia.

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