Commercial games as IFComp prizes

I know that it’ s not good form to ask for something for nothing, but as a first-time IFComp entrant, I would love to see some commercial games as prizes. While big cash prizes may be wonderful for the top few winners, I would be thrilled with a copy of Hadean Lands, Blood and Laurels, or Choice of Robots. I already messaged dfabulich, but I thought I would put my greedy request out there. I don’t have a big budget for games (which makes If ideal), and so it would be very meaningful as a prize, and I’m sure others feel the same way. Just sayin…

By the way, I want to emphasize that the current prizes are fantastic, and that Short is already contributing two huge time investments. But a prize like those I mentioned would make me feel good even if I came in 30th or 40th, if they were still available.

Actually I feel stupid for not having thought to donate a copy of my own game, so now I’m going to do that.

You’re not asking for something for nothing, since you will have contributed a game and entertainment to IFComp. Also – after you’ve emerged bleeding from the IFComp grinder, you will probably feel less reticent about grabbing what you can grab while the grabbing is good.


Well that’s encouraging, Wade, thanks for that one.

But the bleeding isn’t only from the grievous injuries, it’s from joy!

Plus you get to hang out in the cool kids club, aka the authors-only-forum.


I would happy to donate some PataNoir Promo codes, but since it’s only a $3 value, maybe it would be better to make the prize a bundle of some kind?

I’ve donated a bundle of graphical adventure games. If someone wants to donate more stuff to add to the same prize, that would be fine with me.

Um, sure, if you want. Blood & Laurels is iPad-only, though, so it might make the most sense to join it in a bundle with other iOS-playable games (maybe Patanoir, e.g.)? I could do two or three copies so we could offer multiple bundles, if people want that.

I’ve played most of my games on iPad through Frotz and Lost Treasures of Infocom, so I would be more than happy with a bundle.

It’s not really the dollar value, either; if you get money, you have to say “I need to use this for responsible grown up things.” If you win a game, you say “I won this game! I should enjoy my prize.”; that’s why Christmas would be so much more boring if you gave your kids a $50 bill and told them to go crazy.

Wade-You’re doing just fine being encouraging! I think it is much better expecting the reviews and voting to be harsh and be pleasantly surprised when something good comes out. Especially considering that I had never downloaded an IF programming language before July. Also, I’ve wanted to try Leadlight Gamma for a while, so thanks for donating it (unless, of course, someone else picks it first).

Juhana-Thanks for the games you’ve donated!

Well, it seems there’s quite the variety of games as prizes now! I especially like how their are different levels of prizes; now I feel like I can get something worthwhile no matter where I place. Thanks to anonymous for the large pack, Juhana for the graphics games, Porpentine for Eczema Orifice, and Wade Clarke for the two copies of Leadlight Gamma, which I’m very interested in.

If possible, I would like to add PataNoir to the iOS bundle.