Commercial game by Scott Adams/Team Clopas - want feedback

A bit late to the party, but as they say “better late than never”.
In mid-November, Scott Adams and his new team, Team Clopas released their first Conversational Adventure™ game
called Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer.

Its available on Steam at
The trailer can be found here:

We’d love to get your feedback - you can contact us either here in the forum or via email at

One of a series of six games, The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer, is created in partnership with Soma Games under license from Penguin Random House and the Redwall Abbey company. The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer is a Conversational Adventure™ game in nine chapters developed by Team Clopas.

Based on the wildly popular best-selling book, Mossflower, and second in the twenty-two book series by Brian Jacques, this interactive tale immerses the player in the exploits and redemption of Gillig the otter as he tries to overcome his weaknesses, limited resources, and the menace of the monstrous water rat Gloomer.

Before Redwall Abbey, there was Kotir Castle, an abandoned fortress built over a large lake near the River Moss. It was taken over by the wildcat Verdauga Greeneyes and his Thousand Eyes army of vermin. Upon his untimely demise, his daughter Tsarmina began her evil rule. Subjugating the woodland inhabitants of Mossflower, this cruel Queen reigned using the army of a Thousand Eyes to collect food tribute from the peaceful forest dwellers. In her arsenal was a very special living weapon. A murderous insane creature kept deep in the bowels of the castle. Captured by her father, Gloomer the Greatrat was rightly feared by all. In these ancient days lived mighty heroes such as Martin the Warrior and Gonff Prince of Mousethieves.

Now, our would be champion, Gillig directed by the otter leader Skipper, has been given a very special solo mission. Retrieve an ancient scroll once belonging to Verdauga. On the verge of being exiled from the otter crew, Gillig sees this as an opportunity to prove himself to the otter tribe – if he can overcome his weaknesses and survive against the Gloomer.

Your story begins descending down a rope into a ruined otter holt near Kotir Castle. What happens next will be totally up to you.


  • Third person narrative based game with emphasis on exploration and overcoming obstacles

  • Nine chapters of interactive play with rich descriptions

  • Intuitive UI that enables comfortable reading of text with page controls

  • Family friendly: suitable for ages 13 and up

  • Character development – progress Gillig from timid otter to noble Corim warrior

  • Adds to Redwall lore with new backstories and familiar characters alike

  • Conversational Adventure™ game elements

  • Multiple platforms supported (PC / Mac)

  • Original illustrations created specifically for the game

  • Sound effects and original musical soundtrack

  • Professional Voice Acting

OMG, yeah, you are quite late!

Anyway, the game seems so intriguing I’ve bitten. And now has a discount of 25% at steam!

I’m quite curious about how this will develop, because, it is parser based adventure with voice actor narration, so… I’ve though of this before, but came with the solution of porting a game to simple CYOA, and then make the voice over, so this Redwall game seems to go the full hard path!

Also, it would help if you have a twitter account so we can all retuit and spread the word.

Good luck!

I didn’t even know this existed! Thanks for posting about it.

Errrr… Very nice game… just one thing…

What’s the meaning of Conversational Adventure™?

Did you trademark the common name Aventura Conversacional used in Spanish since the '80s for parser games???

No, I suppose I must be wrong… ¬.¬