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Since earlier I said I would do it, in regards to mathbrush’s tag-team idea, here is my Personal Shuffle order, which I’ll be using as a rough review order. The huge number of entries caught me off-guard, though, and I can’t say at this point exactly what I’ll do. The past 2 years, I managed to generate small or medium-sized reviews for most games, but they reside in the Authors’ forums for those years. Now I’m back on the outside; I’ll try to do a few and go from there. Since I won’t get through them all, I will be doing a handful out of order that look more promising (mostly based on author).

  1. Harbinger 2. Ultimate Escape Room 3. The Living Puppet 4. Alice Aforethought 5. Salt 6. The Dream Self 7. Swigian 8. Squirrel 9. Etude 10. Squint/Christmas 11. Tuuli 12. Hexteria 13. Antiquest 14. Just Get Treasure 15. a partial list 16. Castle of Vourtram 17. Rainbow Bridge 18. Black Marker 19. Off the Rails 20. 8 Shoes 21. Inevitable 22. Land of MK 23. Escape from Terra 24. Owl Consults 25. Fifth Sunday 26. Richard Mines 27. Castle of Thread 28. TextCraft 29. Measureless 30. VR Gambler 31. Redstone 32. Future Threads 33. Day of the Djinn 34. Rage Quest 35. Grue 36. Transient Skies 37. 1958 38. Temperamentum 39. Murder in Fog 40. Charlie the Robot 41. Domestic E. 42. Silver Gaultlets 43. Skinny One 44. Adventure/Esmeralda 45. Word of the Day 46. Fake News 47. Behind the Door 48. Wizard Sniffer 49. Queer/Essay 50. UNIT 322 51. 10pm 52. Run of the Place 53. Moon Base 54. Nightbound 55. Witch/Turnip 56. Absence of Law 57. Eat Me 58. Nyna Lives 59. Harmonia 60. Deshaun/Log 61. Dragon/Future 62. Beauty Cold 63. Walk in the Park 64. Bookmoss 65. What Once Was 66. Will Not Let Me Go 67. Into the Dark 68. The Wand 69. Mikayla’s Phone 70. Something 71. Cube in Cavern 72. Guttersnipe 73. common enemy 74. My Night 75. Insignificant LV 76. The Traveller 77. Sea-Monkey 78. Haunted P 79. One Way Out

The point of this, of course, is so that another reviewer may reverse my order or just generally take this into account.

Congrats to the authors for a copious and crazy-good set of games!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to review (or even play) several of the major titles, but some viral pneumonia kind of thing totally shut me down for the last couple of weeks of judging, and that’s why I disappeared. I really had my eye on Absence of Law, Domestic Elementalism, The Owl Consults, and Word of the Day, among others, but alas.

The final rankings seem pretty legit to me except for The Cube in the Cavern, which was severely underrated. I thought it might actually hit in the top 10.