Coming back to Inform after a long hiatus, errors?

Hi there,

I’ve reopened a project I was working with in inform 7 a while back, but I’m getting some errors and I’m struggling to understand why.

For example:

Things can be usable and unusable.
Things are usually unusable.

That send line gives me an error:

Can anyone help explain this to me, and why i’m getting this error?

You’ll want:

A thing is either usable or unusable. A thing is usually unusable.

That worked nicely! thank you! Can I assume that using plurals in that way is generally a no-no?

Also, Is there a way to do properties that are not either/or? (for example, if something could be soft, hard, or semisoft)

Would it look like:

[code]a thing can be soft.
a thing can be hard.
a thing can be semisoft.

there is soft couch here[/code]

bad example as it really is just a description, but you get the idea.

You need to put all the alternatives in one line, like this:

A thing can be hard, soft, or semisoft.

You can also name the property, if you want:

A thing can be hard, soft, or semisoft (this is its squishiness property).

See section 4.10 of the instruction manual for more about this stuff.

You are awesome sir! Thank you very much!

One last question…how can I suppress the messages that tell the player what is inside a container automatically?

You can have closed containers or give them individual printed descriptions, but if you really want to get rid of all bracketed messages for containers then you’ll want to include this line:

Rule for printing room description details of a container: omit contents in listing.