combining [as decreasingly likely outcomes]+[sticky random]

I have a [one of] statement in which I’d like each option to be decreasingly likely (like [as decreasingly likely outcomes]) and sticky (like [sticky random]).

I want it to randomly choose one, the first being most likely, and the last being least likely, and once chosen, keep it forever.

What would I say for it to be like this?

You’ll have to program it yourself – there is not standard syntax that does this. So something like (untested code):

[code]Random-quip is a number that varies. When play begins: now random-quip is a random number between 1 and 10.

Every turn: say “You see [if random-quip is less than 5]a rubber duck[otherwise if random-quip is less than 8]several strumpets[otherwise if random-quip is less than 10]the nine worthies dancing a gavotte[otherwise]something that has only a ten percent chance of being chosen[end if].”[/code]

That looks promising, but now I have a new problem. It’s a bit different, so I’m going to post it in a new thread.