Colours, 1999

I must create a category. The category is that Psmith asked me to finish a good game of my 1999 effort that was a text version of the graphix puzzle games I was enjoying. I can do an app with AI help, but why should I?

It turns out I like to play, and probably could think of a new couple, Artifex Mundi games. The basics of interactive fiction map and puzzles. Intermittent minigames, if skippable. All cutscenes skippable.

Artifex Mundi seems to be mostly eastern european game studios. Funneling games into a distributor.


I have to do my own game to get into the Game pipeline. So, I have all of my IF. And someone has to license it. You guys can have it at the achive.


Nertz to you, You nay saying so and sos,


first thing first :wink: your name is familiar to me, but I’m unsure that people get what is being J. Robinson Wheeler :laughing: so, perhaps aren’t saying because are between a rock and hard place :smiley: in what to say… perhaps is digging time :slight_smile: for non-old timers…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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