Colour Beyond Time: Part 3 Invisiclues Hints

I just finished Colour Beyond Time for the first time! It’s a good game, but there’s no available walkthrough for the 3rd part. I don’t want anyone to get stuck here, so here’s some clues. These apply to version 3.3, and I’m playing on the Adventuron version.

Be warned that there are spoilers for the first two parts! Additionally, you need a password from the end of part 2 to access part 3. I won’t give that away here, but parts 1 and 2 have a downloadable hint PDF if you get stuck.

Some spoiler-blocking empty space:

Part 1:
You wake up in a hotel room. There’s a nail and a compliments slip.

Getting out:

  1. Try to open the door. It’s locked.

  2. Look through the keyhole.

  3. There’s a key stuck through the other end.

  4. From inside your room, how could you get the key out and then retrieve it?

  5. You need both of the new items in this room.

  6. If you poked the key out with the nail, that would work. But how would you get it to you?

  7. Maybe put something for it to land on first?

  8. SLIDE SLIP UNDER DOOR. POKE KEY WITH NAIL. You now have Carble’s room key!

What to do after leaving your room:

  1. Unlock the door and head south.

  2. The librarian, Meeks, is asleep at his post. He’s supposed to be guarding your things.

  3. Examine the pile, then take what’s in it: Maccelson’s key, the revolver, and the pocket watch.

After having retrieved your stuff:

  1. You can’t leave the room from here, or else you’ll step on a loose floorboard and wake Meeks up.

  2. There’s another exit in your hotel room, though.

  3. You can break the glass to reach the fire exit.

  4. But if you do, Sasha and her gang will rush in and capture you.

  5. How can you keep them out?


Getting to Maccelson’s Boat Yard:

  1. The escape is pretty straightforward. Just keep moving.

  2. Go north, east, south, and down in that order to navigate the fire exit.

  3. You’ve made it back to town! Remember, Maccelson’s is to the east.

  4. But if you head there directly, Sasha will catch you.

  5. You need to take a detour.

  6. Maybe through the forest?

  7. Before Maccelson’s, go north twice. You cross a stream and manage to throw the mob off your tail.

  8. Go to Maccelson’s, unlock the door, and head inside.

How to do what Mac told you:

  1. There’s a shack outside of town with all the material you need to blow up the well. It’s north of Maccelson’s.

  2. Go into his office and lock the door.

  3. Go north to the shack

  4. Lock the door so nobody can get inside!

  5. There’s a cage with all the stuff you need, but it’s locked.

  6. You won’t find a key to this lock. Is there another way to deal with it?

  7. You have a gun, don’t you?

  8. SHOOT LOCK. Take the explosives inside.

  9. But you can’t go back outside yet, since the mob is out there.

  10. Is there anything you can use to distract them?

  11. Head to the east.

  12. It’s Carble, all mutated and monstrous from Sasha’s rituals! He’s chained up to a wall.

  13. Won’t you do something nice for your old friend and let him free?

  14. There’s a pin keeping him chained.

  15. REMOVE PIN and release Carble outside.

  16. Everyone’s busy fighting, so now’s your time to escape!

  17. Leave the shed and go back to Mac’s boat yard.

  18. Get into the rowboat and ROW BOAT to get to sea.

Out at sea:

  1. You have to blow up the well, like Mac said.

  2. It’s at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. You don’t need to lay any of the wire, but you will need it.

  4. COMBINE WIRE AND DYNAMITE to make a bomb.

  5. Now LIGHT BOMB.

  6. The last thing we have to do is DROP BOMB to send it into the water.

  7. The mob flees, Sasha gets captured by a beast inside the well, the lake implodes into itself, and you manage to get out to shore safely! Everything’s back the way it should be, and you’ve prevented the Apocalypse. Congratulations!