Colossal Cave Adventure - Game Console Release

Colossal Cave Adventure by Ken and Roberta Williams was released for game consoles today. I purchased a copy for my Nintendo Switch. The graphics are pretty good. It has a narrator so it is not really 2nd person IF, but fun and seems to follow the text version as far as I have played.

It costs $40. More info at: Colossal Cave Adventure - Re-imagined


The trailer look pretty good! Wonder how the mazes are done?


Thanks for the reminder! I’ll try to get to it next week, once I’m done with my Spellbreaker stuff here. I wish RW good luck and success.


Consoles and PC/Mac/Linux, according to the web page. Thanks – I’ll take a look when I have a chance.


That was today?? Nice!!


$40 seems like a lot but it probably involved quite a development team.

I pretty much buy just about any commercial IF to show my support.


Waiting for them to sort the international Switch version out (they’re having some issues apparently) but I’m looking forward to having a go at this.


I wrote up my thoughts:


An excellent review. I find it nostalgic and have enjoyed my forays into the cave. I agree with everything Zarf mentioned in his review. I am not sure how this is (will be) marketed. I purchased the Nintendo Switch version and had to search for it. The game release popped up in my email box only because I follow things IF related. I’m not sure I would have noticed otherwise.

Even on the “news” app on the switch itself, it has never shown up as a new game to try out. Most significant new releases and even pretty minor ones are listed in the news. I don’t know whether or not game publishers have to pay to be in the switch news feed or not. If so, maybe that would a good idea for the Williams’. The switch screen seems to be a good format for the graphical version. I don’t have any other game consoles and I’m not really interested in buying another version.

Still, pretty good for an old curmudgeon like me but I still prefer the text version much more.


While looking for material for this post, I ran across this map which I hadn’t seen before:


[The] map of Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave that was drawn from memory in 1842 by Stephen Bishop, an enslaved man who worked as a guide at the Cave. It was then published in 1845 by Morton & Griswold in Alexander Clark Bullitt’s “Rambles in the Mammoth Cave, During the Year 1844”

This does not contain the area described by Adventure, mind you.


Sometime ago, I stumbled across Rambles in the Mammoth Cave that included Stephen Bishop’s map. It was published in 1845.

The link is to Gutenberg Press. Note: This version was produced by Aaron Reed.

There are also a couple of more recent texts available at Amazon.