Collaboration on Historical IntFiction/RPG

I’m a part-time/hobby game developer, who over the past ~10 years has developed has developed a game engine in Java/Kotlin for text narrative RPGs. The game engine has gone through multiple iterations and changes over the years, but is nowadays based around Ink (blade-ink, to be exact), and a dice-pool based RPG system.

I’ve built a couple of games over the years on Android phones; a couple of strategy games, and the Pirates and Traders “series”. Pirates and Traders 2 is my current primary project.

Recently, I’ve done a bunch of work to rewrite the game engine in order to make it multi-platform; i.e., so that it will be possible to publish games on desktop and (possibly) IOS in addition to Android. As part of that work, I’ve also rewritten parts of the game engine to make it more generic, and less tied to the platform and the specific games I’ve made. Which is great, but of course hard to test without actually writing a new game - and my spare time is already sparse as is.

If there’s anyone interested in writing some RPG-like games built around Ink feel free to drop me a line. Especially if you have any interest in historical narratives (I’m an encyclopaedia of pre-1900s history and can probably enumerate at least a dozen game ideas based on historical events - IMO it’s a criminally underserved niche in gaming)… but I like speculative fiction too. Anyway, feel free to drop me a line here if you wish.