Coding Task - 22 08 2012 - Climbing Stairs And Dodging Rocks

This week’s coding task is to simulate the player falling when the stairs they’re climbing on collapses and when they try to climb up the pile of stones left they have to dodge stone being thrown by NPCs.

This challenge originates from this post. Have fun!!

Step 1: for the love of all that’s designed properly take out the random death.

I’d put this up on playfic, but I forgot my password and there are absolutely no password recovery options on that site that I can find. Also this forum won’t let me attach zblorbs… so… you get the source text file.
source.txt (4.79 KB)

What’s wrong with a non-blorbed file?

The folder that Inform points to has a lot of things inside it, and I’m not sure which file is the actual code. I guess it might be the one with the .ni extension?

Ah, I see - I guess Inform 7 now blorbs things per default. I can’t really say I agree with that design choice but I’m probably in the minority.

Before compiling your game, you can access the Settings page - you know, where you can choose between .z5, .z8 and Glulx. You should have a checkbox for making it blorbed. If you uncheck it and recompile you’ll have a non-blorbed file.

ALternatively, though, I think thise forum may accept attachments as .zip?..

It indeed does. I’ve uploaded some myself.

Wow, you actually corrected the spelling and capitalisation mistakes in my post for your quote? I am impressed.

You should be able to upload z5, z8, zblorb, ulx and gblorb now.

Yeah, I’m a bit like that when it comes to bad spelling and grammar. :slight_smile:

I remember a discussion around here somewhere about why you couldn’t upload files with those extensions somewhere. Seems odd that they weren’t allowed in the first place.

This is probably the thread you’re thinking of.

File space might be a concern. At the moment there are less than 20MB of attachments which I really doubt would be a problem. If there gets to be too many then we can start deleting old attachments…

That’s the one! Nice find, thanks!

I think it’ll be quite a long time before anything like that happens! I could be wrong though!

Ah ha, I didn’t notice that. Here is my non-blorbed file.
Broken Stairs.z5 (153 KB)