Coding Help

Ok. So say I have a table like so:

Table of Skills Learned Name Category Disabled "No" "Alchemy" "Combat" "No" "No" "Arcana" "Combat" "No" "Yes" "Archery" "Combat" "No"

I want to create a new action called “skills” that will list all the skills in the table that have “Yes” in the learned column. How would I do that. I’ve been beating my head trying to figure it out.

Here is one way you could do it:

[code]Listing skills is an action out of world. Understand “skills” as listing skills.

Carry out listing skills:
say “Skills:[line break]”;
repeat through Table of Skills:
if there is a Learned entry and the Learned entry is “Yes”:
if there is a Name entry:
say Name entry;
say line break.[/code]

Kick ass. Thank you so very much!