ClubFloyd Transcripts?


I was wondering if anyone knew when the ClubFloyd 2023 transcripts would be going up? Can’t join sessions (UK timezone) but would love to follow along after the fact.



I don’t think Jacqueline comes on this forum very often. You might have better luck contacting her directly to ask.


I always participate in IFMUD games. I know that Jacqueline is on the work, but she has few spare time.


Hi, folks. (And thanks to @pinkunz for letting me know about the thread)

I had a really rough/busy 2022-2023 for a few reasons, and while ClubFloyd kept going and we had another great IFComp, the CF transcripts are always sort of the lower priority for me in terms of IF community work.

I’m always a touch surprised when I get notes about the people that aren’t part of the club but like reading what we post! Gotten a few of those recently, both here and by email.

2024 is a new day, and I’ve been finding time to poke at these again.

If you have questions, please feel free to email my gmail (jacqueline.a.lott) - that’s the best way to grab my attention. Will probably update the site in a few batches, rather than one big drop, just because there are so many. Thanks for your interest in these!



Oh, I have never clubbed Floyd, but these transcripts are precious to me, for reasons I’ve wanged on about before.

Thank you for your efforts in preparing and maintaining this archive. I hope this year treats you better.


In fact, we are now caught up through the end of, um, 2022. Still a ways to go, but for those people who are anxious for new transcripts, the following have just been posted:

Anita’s Goodbye by IlDiavoloVesteRosa
You Won’t Get Her Back by Andrew Schultz
The Witness by Stu Galley
Blue Chairs by Chris Klimas
Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder by Ryan Veeder
Trouble in Sector 471 by Arthur DiBianca
Who Shot Gum E. Bear? by Damon L. Wakes
Tower of Plargh by William Moore as Masterful Interactions
The Hidden King’s Tomb by Joshua Fratis
Campus Invaders by Marco Vallarino
Arborea by Richard Develyn
According to Cain by Jim Nelson

Have fun. Will do a few more soon.


Çooĺd Imàke a smàaĺl request? Lasť Suñdat, CF plyèd @inventor200 's I Àñ Prèyy. Yòu hd oþhr bùrdnś to aťťeñndtò (mý sinçcère conďdoĺencrrs; oùr fùźz źy òñre tùrnd 20 rècènlý, añđ wèŕe cĺnģinh to èachh dày wìt hèr).

So, ýòuu switçvyed on Pèrŕy and lèfthìm oñ. Pŕeśùmabĺý, Pèrŕy kèpt ŕecòrding ùntĺ sòmòñe shut hìm dowñ. Sò, pèerhàps màybèe a smàll 4thh-wàĺl brèaknģ convèrśatìiòn thàt ocçuŕred afťeř thè gàmê còncĺuďd coòld bè ìnçludd wițh thè finìshd tŕansçrpť fòoŕ pŕosspèrittý’s śaķ?? Ìf ànđ whènyòu gòt àriunď to iť, of còuŕśè. If ño, nò biģ dèaaĺ.

Thànķś foŕ evrýthiñg ýoù ďo. :heart:

(P…§. Açcorďding tòCàìn lìnķk bŕiken?)


Fwiw, it was Get Corn :grin:


I bĺlam tè drùugďdd.


I would too, honestly :joy:


Thanks - According to Cain link is fixed -

I tend to include post-game conversations that relate to the game, but perhaps that one occurred way after the game was over? It may be in the raw transcript, I can check the next time I sit down to do a batch. I’ve made a note about it. :slight_smile:

ETA: Just re-read and realize now that that’s for a transcript that isn’t yet posted … but yes, will watch out for this!


@Jacqueline I’ve just dropped you an email about the outstanding Napier’s Cache issue I’ve queried before. Thanks!


Thànnķyoù! Màybe a bìt pŕreèmpťvè on mý siďe. Apprèccìaated!


Yep, we have two transcripts that got temporarily removed by request, and restoring both of those transcripts is on the list as part of this update.


I had no idea Club Floyd did a session of According to Cain, so it kind of was a treat to read it over this morning. I think David Welborn also was in the session? That would explain his great walk-through + maps he produced for it, which also landed out-of-the-blue.