[Closed] Seeking testers for 'The Familiar' - an Adventuron entry for Spring Thing 2023

Hi everyone,

I’m Groggy! I started making games in 2022. I released Reclamation for the Interact-IF Story Jam (Adventuron; it placed 2nd), and I released Super Mega Tournament Arc! for Spring Thing 2022 (Twine; it was met with mixed but positive reception).

I’ve spent the last few months working on a new fantasy parser game for Spring Thing 2023 and am looking for a handful of beta testers to help me take the game and my skills to the next level.

Here’s the blurb:

You are a witch’s crow familiar, headstrong as anything but still young and untested.

What starts as a normal day soon takes a harrowing turn when your pacific caretaker, Valmai, is struck down by a terrible hex of mysterious origin. Now it’s up to you, little bird, to cure your caretaker and discover the hex’s source.

Are you up for the task?

I’m hoping to find somewhere in the neighborhood of FIVE beta testers to play the game twice over the next month - once now, and once in a couple of weeks. I’m anticipating the game to be 60-90 minutes long. I’m also asking that you be willing to consider (though it’s not required) temporarily joining a private Discord server to help me keep track of the information.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Please feel free to respond here or DM me if you’re interested (you can find me at groggydog#2559 on Discord) and I’ll close the thread once I’m satisfied with the number of beta testers.


Does a “pacific caretaker” take care of the Pacific Ocean? :slight_smile:

Or did you mean pacifist?


I believe I’ve used it correctly


Yup, obscure but correct!

“Irenic” works for similar purposes if you want to confuse people in a different direction (“wait, who’s Irene?”) :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ve learned something.


Lovely! I’ve never even heard that word before. Thanks for sharing.

And no worries at all, Rovarsson. I can’t resist an occasionally odd word choice. After all, this game uses “corvine” on the opening splash, too.


Mike is always teaching us new words. Thank mew!


I’ve received all the testers I’m looking for right now. I’ll open the thread back up if I need anymore. Thanks to everyone who reached out!


Really looking forward to an Adventuron game being in Spring Thing! They were missed in IFComp last year. Well, by me, at any rate.