[CLOSED] Looking for Alpha Testers for REQUIEM, a sci-fi roguelite adventure

Hi all! I’m groggydog, and you might know me from games like…

I have been working on a game called REQUIEM, a sci-fi roguelite text adventure (made in Twine/SugarCube) set on a remote, icy planet several hundred years in the future. You play as one member of a genderless monastic order who have discovered a monolithic alien structure, and are tasked to explore the great building and divine its purpose.

This is a fairly mechanics-dense game with a combat system, roguelite-inspired room progression, quests, upgrades, and more.

I have finished around 25% of the game (about 45 minutes of playtime, I think) and am looking for some very surface-level feedback.

Is the game fun? Is it too wordy? Does the intended progression path make sense? How does it feel to play?

If you think you would be interested in playing through the game as it stands, please DM me here or shoot me a message on Discord (@groggydog) and I’d be happy to provide you with the alpha build.

You will, of course, be properly credited in the final build of the game!


Oh yay! I’m glad you continued worked on this!!
I remember the test file of the combat system :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes! It has been quite slow going, and I’m working on another game for ST24 while I’m at it, but it’s very much still going :slight_smile:

I actually need to DM you this week to figure out how you did a specific text effect…

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anytime! happy to help!
oh and feel free to dm me the demo too xD

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Thank you all! I received the number of testers I was looking for, and will re-open the topic if any fall through.


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