Close To The Sun - Storm In a Teacup

Another game I’m interested in: Close to the Sun. Steampunk art-deco - this looks and feels a lot like Bioshock, however, the website calls it a “first-person horror adventure where survival is everything.”

Another bullet point describes Rose, the MC, “weaponless and defenseless” and her strategy as “running, hiding, and quick thinking” - so non-weapon-based “stealth-hider” survival-horror, more in the category of SOMA or Amnesia: The Dark Descent - and perhaps a bit of Tacoma? The graphics are very nice, and I love the idea of (I’m inferring from the gameplay) an alternate reality where Nikola Tesla was successful, and Thomas Edison appears to be his saboteur. The videos and first looks suggest environmental lever-switching, key-searching, button-pressing puzzles.

IGN Preview

Opening gameplay (38 min):

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