Cloak of Darkness 2

How would we judge suitability – judge (or several)? An open vote, comp style?

I would think an open vote.

I don’t want to get too far into this because I can’t take the project on. But if this is the way it’s gonna happen, I would propose that an entry must include the description (the game-spec), which would be the CoD. The implemention is “merely” the first port of the spec.

Black Ops II?

[size=85](Sorry. I just had to.)[/size]

Hey, just an idea: maybe a good format for this is doing a series of bite-sized tutorials that come together to a finished game, rather than just one big finished game?

COD is small enough that you can just get it, but if it’s a bigger game, getting it in one big chunk might be too much. (“Hey, here’s my NewSystem port, it’s just a few thousand lines of codes, it shows you every feature!”)

I think a new CoD should cover at least most of the current verbs used in IF, for example the ones found on


it would help authors to reuse code for every verb needed, and system designers to compare with other systems.

In the interests of canvassing views in a slightly more structured way, I’ve created a survey: I’ve tried to include most of the things that have been suggested in the thread above. Of course, this can’t be regarded as anything except the most informal way of collecting thoughts, but if anyone’s interested, feel free to do the survey and I will post results in a fortnight or so, which might help to provide some focus.

Wow, that’s an excellent survey, thanks for creating that. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Yes, a great survey!

I’m keen to help with this, but the lack of consensus before made it difficult. Hopefully the poll will help us find a consensus. Remember this doesn’t have to be the last demo game ever, others can be created in the future.

About thirty people have now responded in part, and about twenty have completed the full survey. The new responses have largely dried up, so I’m going to analyse and post the results over the weekend. Meanwhile if anybody would like to sneak in a final response, the survey is here: