Climb, Climb on, Supporters

In my game I have a barrel that the player has to stand on to be tall enough to reach something.

I’ve created a state that says a barrel can be climbed on, and a climb on rule, so I can check it to allow something else, but I feel like maybe there’s a built in way to handle this using supporters or something. I’ve read through a few other posts and there seems to have been some kind of change in the way climbing is handled by the program.

Is there a better way to handle this situation than what I have described, as climbing is a defined action.

Have you tried simply making the barrel an enterable supporter? If I correctly understand what you’re asking, that should automatically handle most or all of what you want without requiring you to do anything other than checking the player is on the barrel before allowing them to take whatever is otherwise out of reach.


Does this also handle the “CLIMB ON BARREL” action as “entering?” Or do you need to add an “understand” rule?

Probably works automatically. But that’s easy to try.