Clicking specific parts of a div container

This is more of a technical question to do with Twine’s stylesheet, but I am currently using Harlowe 3.2.2 if that has any weight. 2.3.14 for Twine, also.

So, to explain it as simply as I can, I want to be able to click specific parts of a div container to traverse through different passages. Basically, a map where you can click on specific points to travel to those places. I already know how to set up a div with the map itself as a background container but I’m stumped as to how I might navigate making clickable parts of the map-- it’s even more of a headache when I consider formatting for both PC and mobile. I don’t know the two would correllate at all and would require separate builds.

If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

I don’t know if you can use html straight in harlowe, but by your description what you’re looking for is a map tag.