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Twine Version: 2.8.1 Harlowe 3.3.8

Hey folks.

I would like to create a questlog, but since my game will become kind of huge, i don’t want to use endless passages.

I thought about using the Click macro

Click me
(click: “Click me”)[
(print: “You clicked the link!”)]

Now what i also thought about is to create something that closes that information, either with a button for that or clicking on the same link.

I tried it with expanding and closing already but that did not worked out. I tried a button as well but that wasn’t satisfaying as well.

Google and Chat GPT aren’t helping me here so i decided to ask you guys :slight_smile:

So i’d be happy if you could provide me some options here.

Or if you have another way of helping me out, i’d be glad to try it.

Here is what i want in detail:

Click on the Questname → Some information pops up (expandible with the if macro for best so i can add information step by step) → clicking either on a closing button that hides or closes the expanded text or clicking on the name of the quest a second time closes it.

So i can save some space and don’t have to crate endless passages for that.

Thanks in advance and best regards

You can use the HTML detail/summary tags for this. Harlowe accepts HTML in the passage, so you can put this code where you want the quest info:

<summary>Quest Name</summary>
Quest information. You can nest if statements in here.

The final result will be expandable/collapsible like this:

Quest Name Quest information. More quest information.
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Thank you very much! That actually worked and is close enough to what i wanted. :slight_smile:

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