Click anywhere to advance?

Okay, so I’m starting work on a new project (sort of) and I have all my files ready to go and my text ready to transfer from Word to TWINE…and I kind of hit a snag right on the first passage. This is the interactive adaptation of a novel, so I want it to start with a full screen title image, then a single click takes the player to the Table of Contents, where they can start the game proper. In a previous project (technically, the first chapter of this one, actually), I was able to use the background image and passage tags to accomplish the title page image, but then there was just a little onscreen text saying “Begin” to move on from there. That looked really pathetic, so this time I’d like to make it so they just click anywhere to get off the title screen and into the Table of Contents. Is there a way to do that?

I’ve been using Harlowe up until now (in part because the TWINE browser interface defaults to it, and in part because most of my projects are very simple and don’t really need much beyond links and a few simple variables) but if it’s only possible in Sugarcube, I should be able to change over what little I’ve done so far without too much difficulty.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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note: the following answer assumes you are still using the Harlowe story format.

You can use a (click-goto:) macro that targets the built-in ?Page Named Hook to make all of the ‘current’ page a link.

Optional textual content to display...
(click-goto: ?Page, "Target Passage")

It worked perfectly. Thanks so much! :smiley: