Classify "File Type" for links on IFDB

I added Castlequest to IFDB yesterday and I got this comment:

@FriendOfFred is right and I suspect that the text “This game requires an interpreter program - refer to the game’s documentation for details” is there because the file type of the link is classified as “Story File”. But what should it be? The only file type that is reasonable close is to classify it as “Application” but then I have to specify for wich system and there are no generic system for Windows. You have to specify wich Windows, the alternatives being from Windows NT 3.5 to Windows 8.1 (Windows 10 is missing).

Well, the question is how do I fix this link?

This looks like a bug in IFDB. Sorry!

For now, I suggest just picking Windows 7 or 8.1 or something.

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No reason to apologize! I’m always afraid I’m missing something that is obvious to everyone else… :smiley:

I changed it to Winows 7 and the text is now “Windows Application (Windows 7 and later)” which is quite accurate.

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