Classes and instances in TADS?


I’m reworking and refactoring () some code of for a simple RPG system in TADS3.
Most of the code is really bad and in no way object oriented. What I like to do is to rewrite it, but I’m struggling with classes and instances in TADS3.

Pseudo code example:
I need some kind of character class which defines some basic values for the player (name, experience and strength)

file: character.t

class playerCharacter : Actor
	string Name;
	int experience;
    int strength;

file mainStory.t

hero = new playerCharacter;
hero.Name = "Caroline";
her.strength = 12;

That’s what I want to do in TADS (but can’t figure it out how to)
I’d be glad if someone could give me a little push in the right direction.
Sourcecode examples, that handle classes and instances in TADS would be welcome too,


Have you read this yet:

Also, I assume you wanted to write hero.Name = 'Caroline';. Single quotes are used for strings. Double quotes are actually print statements (in other words, they are code, not strings.)