Chook and Sosig

I believe the demo games “Chook and Sosig” and “Chook and Sosig: a Case of Murder” use the Ren’Py engine. The artwork is beautiful so they would be worth downloading and checking out.


Chook and Sosig do not appear to be pure Ren’Py games, although certain features of the interface make me think they may have started there. It seems to have been through Visual Studio at some point in its creation (which would likely assist with the point-and-click elements).

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A pity one can’t seem to get Ren’Py games to use DirectX instead of OpenGL. That way SwiftShader could take over.

You have to admit, though, the artwork is beautiful. And the artist has a full game on Steam and GOG: “Chook and Sosig Walk the Plank.” That is an example of a fun and nicely-done game.

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I agree with you on the artwork being top-notch on the Chook and Sosig games - and the characterisation is cute, too. A lot of talent went into those games.

Suspect that the reason for DirectX not being supported in Ren’Py is that it would cause cross-compatibility to fail. Macs/iDevices can’t natively run DirectX and Linux requires a different version to Windows (not sure about Android phones).

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You’re probably right, but would it have been so hard to have a configuration file allowing either one?

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Depends how good your programming skills are as to how feasible it might be to make a Ren’Py game able to use DirectX. (It’s unlikely ever to be built-in, though - one of the aims of Ren’Py is to reduce the number of things that have to be changed to make a game work on many platforms).