ChoiceBeat Zine #9 is charging right at you!

Hello, all! I’m the spokesperson for ChoiceBeat: The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine.

The newest issue (#9) is out! Maybe you wondered, “Whatever happened to those ChoiceBeat people?” We’ve been around cooking up that hot stuff. Examples include…

  • Domino Club: An collective of perverts making gross and sexy games.
  • Gnosia: There is a dolphin girl in outer space. She might kill you.
  • Choice of Games
  • Wales Interactive (the FMV game people)
  • General mayhem

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We are always looking scoops and contributions, so let me know or email the editor (contact info inside the zine). Thanks for reading!


Cool to see the Domino Club feature, their group output has been pretty interesting to follow from afar!

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I didn’t know about Domino Club at all before I read the issue, but their work is fascinating. I learn something new in every ChoiceBeat.

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Yeah! The Domino Club article was totally interesting. I admire the fact that the works in their jams are so different, but they are thematically coherent. The idea of a unified group of artists exploring similar themes is interesting. I’d like to see some similar groups.