Choice of Robots

Played Choice of Robots for the first time this morning, and I really enjoyed it! (Disclaimer: I do know the author socially, but I think I’d be very fond of this game anyway.)

I’m often not fond of visible stat systems, which can feel artificial and weird, but in this game, most of the stats are related to your robot’s capabilities rather than your own. It was particularly well done.

Did anyone else here play it yet?

No, but I just bought it an hour ago on the strength of the positive review over at Pocket Tactics … should have an opinion before long.

o my, good to know it’s by a Ph.D

let’s see…

Not enjoying it so far. I always wanted to be a robot marooned at Frogstar B until the end of times… too bad my setting of choice isn’t available. I resent the lack of my authorial voice in the story here…

perhaps I’ll give it another spin later…

I bought it recently but haven’t got round to playing it yet.

My review is over here.