Choice of Games Releases Interactive Fiction Apps for Kindle … Kindle.php

Lovers of interactive fiction, rejoice! Choice of Games, a quirky independent games company, has just released our first two interactive fiction titles for Amazon Kindle. Both games are available now in the Amazon Kindle Store.

In our first game, “Choice of the Dragon,” you play as a dragon who kidnaps princesses and sleeps on gold for fun. You’ll dominate the local kingdom, loot and pillage, and inspire terror in the hearts of your enemies. … B004EUOFGC

Our second game, “Choice of Broadsides,” is a swashbuckling naval adventure, in the spirit of C. S. Forester’s Hornblower or Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books, with a dash of Jane Austen. As a young officer fighting the Napoleonic Wars, you’ll take command of a Royal Navy frigate, earning glory in the name of the Crown. … B004FRH3PO


Cool Dan, I’d be interested to hear how this works out for you guys, especially compared to iPhone, once you have some figures to go by.

Late post, but again, Congrats Dan, fantastic news. I am sure that games on the kindle would be a big seller. I bought my wife a Kindle 3 for her birthday and she loves it.

My hope is that someone (Textfyre? Zarf?) will port Glulxe to the Kindle. Would be an awesome platform for IF in general.


Textfyre has some sort of Kindle port underway, though it will target FyreVM instead of Glk.

I was pretty excited about Kindle development a year ago when Amazon first announced the KDK. Now I can’t help but feel that Amazon has badly mismanaged the program; as it stands there are far more interesting apps outside the official distribution channel, and the majority of “active” content consists of uninspired word puzzles and card games. I just don’t see what 12 months of closed beta has produced that could justify the secrecy and delay.

Dan’s games are really excellent and feel quite at home on the Kindle. There’s also this RPG game book which I may check out at some point.

Web interpreters will also work on new kindles, with varying levels of success. Of course we’d love to have a kindle developer who would work on sorting out the bugs :wink: