checking to see if a sound file is playing

(I searched and I couldn’t find any mention of this issue before)
How do I check to see if a sound file is playing for use in a conditional? For instance, I want to say something like:

Instead of listening to room:
If sound of dial tone is playing, say “Can’t you hear that?”;
If sound of dial tone is not playing, say “The room is silent.”;

Any suggestions?

Is there anyway to define a smell for an object, the way that you define a description, or do you have to always use the "Instead of smelling x, say “text about smell of x.”?


You could make the smell a property of things and write a rule that prints it:

A thing has some text called smell. The smell of a thing is usually “”.

Instead of smelling when the smell of the noun is not “”:
say the smell of the noun;
say line break.

The blue cheese is a thing. The smell of the blue cheese is “Yuck.”[/code]

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