Checkboxes! Easy text formatting

I’ve discovered this today and present it in case it’s useful to anyone:

You can create checkboxes in your posts using brackets.

Empty brackets[ ] creates a check box.
Brackets with a lower-case x [x] creates a pre-selected check box.
Brackets with an upper-case X [X] creates a filled and permanently-selected check box.

These boxes can be ticked in the message by the original poster (or anyone with edit access to the message) if you’d like to create a to-do list, or keep notes of progress on listed bug-fixes where you can tick them when completed!

This will work in private messages if you’ve got a PM going with a group beta testing, for example.


If you want others to be able to tick the boxes, you can make your post publicly-editable by making it a Wiki. Click the wrench under the post once it’s saved. Sometimes the wrench may be hidden behind the three dots/ellipsis icon (...):

Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 1.46.24 PM

  • Be aware this will make the entire post editable by anyone who can see it! This might be useful, again if you’re running private beta testing you can make one post a list of pending fixes people can add to and put check boxes to tick when completed.


This post is a Wiki, so you can try it! (You don’t need to edit the post to check a box, just click it in the message as you’re viewing it.)

When you tick a box, it actually quick-edits the post changing the brackets, which is why it only works for someone who can edit the message.


That’s really cool! Could have used it for my running to-do list in the Cragne Manor LP…


Or for collaboration like when SeedComp was running - the list of seeds could be checkable showing someone has chosen one and potentially encourage others to choose a different option.

For the Annual Hypothetical and Imaginary IntFiction Picnic™, we need 1 people to bring:

Two bags of ice
Canned/Bottled Beverages
Bug spray
BBQ Chicken
Vegan Tofu Dish
Hot dogs
Plastic utensils
Potato dish
Veggie tray
Glowing blue sword (for the Grues)
Small pinch of pepper (enough to make the ants sneeze)
Umbrella (for the geese)
Esky (to put the beer and ice in)

(If you have a new option or are bringing something else, add it above!)

1The authorities (except those in IFland) remind people that there is no physical picnic (unless you are in IFland). This picnic is fully imaginary and hypothetical (unless you live in IFland). No guarantees made nor fulfilled by the Staff of or any of its many worldwide subsidiaries. Subject to change at a moment’s notice.


…and apparently clicking one of those checkboxes will earn you the “Wiki Editor” badge if you don’t already have one.


Enough to make the ants sneeze ahahahahahahahaha!!!


As a follow up: If you make your topic a Wiki by default you will be notified every time someone edits the post (or clicks a check box since that counts as editing.) You can change or shut off the notifications for a specific topic by clicking the bell icon to the right of the timeline and setting your notification preference appropriately.

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----clicks every check box in @HanonO 's Picnic post; sniggers at the though of all the notifications Hanon’s going to get----


While playing with this and checking the edit history, I noticed something. The history “blames” one of my edits to inventor200. Bug in edit history code maybe?

I added the umbrella. That might be a clue.

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And I added the bugs line, but history shows that you did that as well as the umbrella. It’s not just me that sees that history wrong, right?

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Joey, have you been time-travelling again? How many times do you have to be told not to change history?

No, not even the edit history on a forum post. Because you never know what it takes to revive the fossil zombie dinosaurs. Or the 50ft sneezing ants.


Aw, heck, they were only a centimeter long when I last saw them. Oops. :scream:

Uhhhhh, I mean… :eyes: Yes! The 50ft sneezing ants are already too big, and have always been this big throughout history, and should definitely not be made any larger! :sweat_smile:

Not to say they have already been made larger before! :eyes: Gosh, Rovarsson, you are so smart and have such excellent forethought! :sweat_smile:


Of course!

It was Joey all along, being “helpful” with a clue to catch the bug indeed. Our good fortune is that Rovarsson is too good a detective for you.

But how on earth did you manage to remove Dolly’s braces in Moonraker though?


This time. :wink:

That one actually wasn’t me. Probably a different time traveler who is a lot more subtle than I am…! (Which is very concerning…) :eyes:


[Looks around nervously] Uhh, I’ma go now…


I can confirm this behavior. :slightly_smiling_face:

Universal Redundancy Alert: Uh, tofu is already vegan, dude.

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This is why English needs better rules about operator precedence: to make it clear we need a vegan (tofu dish), not a (vegan tofu) dish without resorting to parentheses!


Oh! You mean, “A vegan dish that includes tofu.”

Or, "A vegan dish (with tofu).


(Hmmm… but my comment still holds – “a vegan (tofu dish)” is still redundant, because a “tofu dish” is already vegan (gosh! Was that a TRAFFIC CIRCLE we just traversed…???). The examples I provide above are much clearer. :open_mouth: