Chat GPT's IF Game

Asked it for an Inform 7 game, then asked for it to “complicate it” and “make it more difficult.”

"Enigmatic Mansion Adventure" by Your Name

The Enigmatic Mansion is a room. "You stand before a massive, mysterious mansion. The entrance is adorned with cryptic symbols."

The Foyer is north of the Enigmatic Mansion. "You enter the grand foyer. There are doors to the east, west, and a staircase leading up."

The Library is east of the Foyer. "You find yourself in an ancient library. Books line the walls, and a ladder leads to a balcony above."

The Balcony is above the Library. "You climb the ladder to the balcony. From here, you can see the entire mansion grounds."

The Study is west of the Foyer. "You step into a study filled with arcane artifacts. A locked cabinet catches your eye."

The Laboratory is north of the Study. "You enter a dimly lit laboratory. Strange concoctions bubble in vials, and a riddle is engraved on the wall."

The Riddle Room is east of the Laboratory. "You find yourself in a room with a large stone pedestal. A riddle is inscribed on the pedestal."

A mysterious scroll contains clues.

The player carries a magnifying glass and a vial.

Instead of examining the magnifying glass:
    say "The magnifying glass allows you to examine small details closely. It might help you decipher hidden messages.";

Instead of examining the vial:
    say "The vial contains a glowing substance. Its properties are unknown, but it might be useful.";

Instead of using the magnifying glass:
    if the location is the Riddle Room:
        if the player carries the mysterious scroll:
            now the player has won;
            say "You use the magnifying glass to read the fine print on the scroll. It reveals the solution to the riddle. A hidden passage opens, and you've successfully navigated the enigma!";
            say "You need something to examine first. Try finding an item with hidden details.";

Instead of using the magnifying glass when the location is not the Riddle Room:
    say "There's nothing specific to examine here.";

The cabinet is a locked container in the Study.

Instead of opening the cabinet:
    if the player carries the mysterious key:
        now the player has won;
        say "The mysterious key fits the cabinet lock. Inside, you find a valuable artifact.";
        say "The cabinet is locked. It seems to require a special key.";

The stone pedestal is in the Riddle Room.

Instead of examining the stone pedestal:
    say "The pedestal is intricately carved with symbols. The riddle inscribed on it seems to be the key to unlocking something.";

Instead of reading the riddle when the player carries the mysterious scroll:
    say "You read the riddle on the scroll: 'I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with the wind.' It seems to be a clue.";

The Laboratory contains a complicated alchemical apparatus.

Instead of examining the alchemical apparatus:
    if the player carries the vial:
        say "You pour the glowing substance from the vial into the apparatus. It produces a bright light, revealing a hidden door!";
        now the hidden door is unlocked;
        say "The alchemical apparatus looks complicated. You might need the right ingredient to operate it.";

The hidden door is a locked door in the Laboratory.

Instead of going through the hidden door:
    if the hidden door is locked:
        say "The hidden door is locked. You need to find a way to unlock it.";
        move the player to the Secret Chamber;
        say "You enter the secret chamber, where the mansion's true secrets lie.";

The Secret Chamber is a dimly lit room.

Instead of examining the Secret Chamber:
    say "The secret chamber is filled with ancient artifacts, each radiating with mystical energy. The air is thick with mystery.";

When play begins:
    say "Welcome to the Enigmatic Mansion Adventure! Your goal is to unravel the mysteries of the mansion and discover its hidden treasures. Use your wit, examine your surroundings carefully, and piece together the clues. Best of luck!"

Test me with "go north / go east / examine magnifying glass / go west / examine cabinet / go north / examine stone pedestal / take mysterious scroll / read riddle / go south / take vial / go north / use vial / go east / go through hidden door".

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