ChapelR's Cycle system cannot be suspended

Twine Version: 2.4.0
Story Format: Sugarcube 2.36.1

I am making a sandbox game with time system. I have used ChapelR’s cycle system (Custom Macros) but it keeps increasing the time to next period after every paragraph.
I have used suspend but it still wont stop increasing after every turn.
I want it to increase the time only after certain events or at certain places, not after every paragraph or menu.
Please help me…thank you.

<<newcycle 'time' suspend>>     
    <<phase 'Early Morning' 'Morning' 'Midday' 'evening' 'night'>>

<<newcycle 'day' suspend>>     
    <<phase 'Sunday' 'Monday' 'Tuesday' 'Wednesday' 'Thursday' 'Friday' 'Saturday'>>

The 2nd paragraph of the <<newcycle>> macro’s documentation starts with the following sentence… (emphasis mine)

The suspend keyword can be passed as a third argument to make the cycle start off suspended , meaning it won’t automatically increase its stack right from the start.

So if you change both of the above <<newcycle>> macro calls in your project’s StoryInit special Passage so that the suspend keyword is the 3rd argument (after the cycle’s name)…

<<newcycle 'time' 1 1 suspend>>
	<<phase 'Early Morning' 'Morning' 'Midday' 'evening' 'night'>>

<<newcycle 'day' 1 1 suspend>>
	<<phase 'Sunday' 'Monday' 'Tuesday' 'Wednesday' 'Thursday' 'Friday' 'Saturday'>>

…then those cycles will start off in a suspended state.

You can then use the <<editcycle>> along with the change keyword to increase either the time or day cycle whenever you want it to…

/* move time cycle forward one phase / stack position...*/
<<editcycle 'time' change 1>>


/* move day cycle forward one phase / stack position...*/
<<editcycle 'day' change 1>>
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Thank youuu!!! And a happy new year!