Chapbook starting on wrong passage

Twine Version: chapbook 1.2.3.

I downloaded the Chapbook IF I was working on because I wanted to see if it would work with ambient sound if I put the .mp3 files in the same folder. Not only does it not work, but when I open the .html file, it keeps starting on the third passage. I don’t know how to get it to stop doing that. I’ve tried:

  • tagging the starting passage with ‘startup’
  • naming the opening passage ‘startup’
  • removing the line of code {ambient music: autumntime.mp3}
  • closing out of the first passage last before downloading
  • editing the first passage before downloading

I can only get it to play from the first passage if I use play-test, but that won’t be an option if I eventually publish it. It’s very frustrating. Is there something I’m missing here? I’d hate to have to change from Chapbook for this one – I think the UI looks nice and lends itself the aesthetic I want well.

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Okay, I think I figured it out actually.

If I restart before downloading, and close the editor, it opens up correctly. Don’t know why that works. I assume it has to do with the way the computer is reading the file and I just know nothing about how computers work.

I have been humbled today, but I will leave this in case anyone else find use in it. Sound still isn’t working, but I will figure that out eventually. At least the darn thing opens on the the startup passage.

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The Story HTML file has an unique IFID embedded inside it, which identifies your specific project from any other (that supports such IDs).

The Chapbook story format automatically track the end-user’s progress through a project built using it.

The data needed to track that progress is stored within the LocalStorage area of the end-user’s web-browser, and the project’s IFID is used to distinguish the project’s data from any other data stored in the LocalStorage area.

So when you open a Chapbook based Story HTML file in a web-browser where that file/project has been previously opened, the story format’s engine will locate the progress history of that previous viewing and automatically transition to the last Passage visited.

Using the Restart option clears/resets the progress history for that IFID/project.